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GATRADEWATA | NEWS | An appeal by the government is better to stay at home, not gather and keep a distance is a necessity in breaking the chain of covid-19. But the hobby of flying or playing kites is a pleasure that can not be separated by enthusiasts, activists, and lovers of kites. Large kites make a group of people between 5 to 8 people, while a small kite is only 2 to 3 people. At the moment it is certainly not good to do so in a crowd when the covid pandemic is rampant this year.

Instead of that, a fan has an idea to hold a virtual kite competition, just call it Made Suprapta Meranggi or the famous name Dek Soto. He initiated a virtual kite contest to accommodate kite fans in Bali. With the theme Rare Angon Vs Covid-19.

The kite that is contested is a type of kite of Celepuk (owl), Sunday (05/31), through online media, used video conference application, "this competition was made in order to fulfill the health protocol without losing tradition," Dek Soto said when contacted on Saturday (5/30).

Dek Soto also explained that rare angon or kite enthusiasts should have to follow the development of the era besides having to be creative, "With this virtual kite contest, I hope this can become a creative economic circle for the community. Because this is a multiplayer effect. Not only undagi kites get lots of orders, bamboo sellers, fabric sellers and even kite equipment are also affected, "he said.

At this time the economy is falling and also the pandemic, Bali must be able to show the world how importance of creativity without having to breaking up health protocols, and this moment is good to be rebranding for Bali tourism (Ray)

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