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Tri Hita Pojok Sudirman

GATRADEWATA NEWS | DENPASAR |Vegetarian is a part of a healthy lifestyle, full of happiness and also love. Why? Because by no longer killing creatures or animals just to spoil our tongue, but still tasty and also nutritious, is a wise choice.

Foods that are full of nutrition can also be found in dishes with vegetable flavors as well, we can take protein from tofu and tempeh. The composition of staying healthy can we get by choosing a vegetarian menu. There is now a special restaurant in Bali that emphasizes a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. TRIHITA PLANT BASED CAFE Healthy Food & Vegan with healthy food menu of Balinese Porridge, Lumpia, Jinggo Rice, Lalapan, Baked Rice, Vegetable Burger, Vegetable Steak and healthy creative drinks such as Banana Smoothies and other fruits, Dalgona mix young coconut, Avocado Dalgona and Orange Dalgona include a menu of various types of healthy fruit juices. Do not miss the coffee menu variations are also available.

All Menus Based on vegetable
"All menus are based on vegetable, vegetable, fruit and processed nuts, and other vegetable protein preparations, including using multigrain vegetable milk. All types of menus without using flavorings, preservatives or gluten, so it is suitable for all people. can be seen in the menu Gofood and Grabfood, "said Dewa Anom, Manager of TRIHITA PLANT BASED CAFE, Thursday (05/21).

Unique and comfortable atmosphere we can also feel there, customers can also pick vegetables that are intentionally planted in front of the restaurant with a hydroponic system (without soil media and do not use pesticides), such as kale, packhoy, lettuce, spinach and others and can be cooked directly the place. Of course this makes the food fresher, guaranteed hygiene and health, customers can also order fresh vegetables that are available to take home. If you want to know how to cultivate vegetables with hydroponic techniques, customers can also have casual conversations with their owner, Dewa Anom.

TRIHITA who has served the Balinese people in general and also foreigners who have been more concerned with health for more than 7 years. They already have 3 outlets, Kwanji, Brawa and pojok Sudirman of Denpasar area, with affordable and healthy prices, of course they still have a bite value for the surrounding community, which is still difficult for people's purchasing in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic at this time

If you want to try Balinese specialties, such as nasi campur, vegetable lawar and others, can visit or order at other outlets located on Jl. Tibungsari 58x, likewise if you want to taste western vegetable menus, you can visit or order at Govinda by Trihita located on Jl. Raya Semat No. 15 Tibubeneng, near Brawa Beach.

Of course we suggest that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is best to order food using an online service or buy it but take it home, "maybe when the epidemic has subsided and the government appeals are allowed, it's good to try to enjoy our menu here, in the afternoon at the right time , "he said. (Ray)

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