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GATRADEWATA NEWS | CANGGU |  In the condition of Covid-19 which swept the world, social and economic conditions and peace were disturbed.  Bali is a village for many foreigners, now many foreign guests have left the island of Bali because of a call from their country or their own will.  The current condition of Bali is in accordance with data from the Bali Provincial Health Office website (https://www.diskes.baliprov.go.id/) that the patients positive of COVID-19 numbered 63 people, 18 people recovered, and 2 people died from  Foreign Countries.

Conditions that make many people unable to work as usual, and many job cuts make the heart of Gordon who comes from the country of New Zealand moved to do something.  This is the 3rd day of this generous activity by distributing free food to those who are willing to come to Aquarius Villa, the Canggu Community Facebook page written in his account says, "Great day but sorry to say we ran out of food and also need to buy a second large rice  cooker, Soon we will have a donation site on it for those generous souls who wish to support us and the good people of Bali. Thank you all, "he wrote.

Vewi Arlinda (green dress)

 On the other hand there is a person behind the scenes who helps him namely Vewi Arlinda, she is busy shopping and cooking together with her other team to provide lunch for people in need.  Vewi Arlinda is the Manager who manages Aquarius Villa, this beautifully arranged and charming villa has a sincere heart in it.

 "We still see the situation, how many who need it later we will add, now we prepare 100 servings per day for lunch," she explained kindly in a Facebook comment this afternoon.  (Ray)

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