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The National College Hospital of Udayana University (RSPTN Udayana) of Bali had performed the first Hemiarthroplasty Bipolar Surgery led by dr. Komang Septian Sandiwidayat, M. Biomed, Sp.OT.

There are many treatment options in patients with intertrochanteric femur fractures, ranging from evaluation and surgical treatment. Various techniques are used to improve bone anatomy so that bone healing occurs.

One of the surgical techniques used to treat intertrochanteric femur fractures is hemiarthroplasty bipolar (HA Bipolar). In this technique, the neck of the femur will be cut and the head of the femur will be removed, cleaned, and replaced with implants that are functionally the same as the original bone. This technique is done invasively so that the surgical scars will appear. However, many researchers say that this technique is good and fast in healing and mobilizing.

Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty surgery also uses special tools and special implants that resemble the neck of the femur, so that the target is anatomically similar to the original femur which is expected to return to normal function. The patient will be positioned lateral decubitus and under anesthesia. The operator will make an incision in the thigh area and cut the neck of the femur from the greater trochanter and lesser trochanter. Then the implant is placed and attached to the acetabulum and reevaluation of the implant was performed.

The duration of the hemiarthroplasty bipolar procedure is about 2-3 hours. The patient will be placed with a drain in the operating area for 3-5 days postoperatively. On day 3, it is hoped that the drain can be removed and the patient can undergo outpatient treatment. Although the healing process takes time, after hemiarthroplasty bipolar, surgery patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities and rest, and especially maintain hygiene around surgical wound.

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