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» » » The figure of the Turah Panji in the Expatriate Charity activities in Bali

AA Ngurah Agung Bagus Erawan (householder)
GATRADEWATA NEWS | TABANAN | The Bali Tourism Opening activity by the Governor of Bali last time was immediately acted upon by the Turah Panji and his extended family, in Puri Anyar Kerambitan, Tabanan. By inviting people who needed help due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Bali, especially Tabanan Regency.

The charity event held is a form of assistance from expatriate groups living in Bali due to being trapped in the global conditions of Covid-19. Anak Agung Ngurah Panji Astika or also known as Turah Panji, embraces those who want to help alleviate the burden of some of the Tabanan people due to the Covid-19 that is sweeping the world today, by distributing basic food items consisting of rice, vegetables, corn, oil and others, in Puri Anyar Kerambitan, Sunday (07/19).

His main hope is to help alleviate the people in Tabanan. Expatriates, most of which come from various parts of the world, there are from New York, the United States, Ireland, Britain, Austria, and so forth. These foreigners really want to help build Bali, especially in Tabanan Regency with expertise in managing or transferring technology in agricultural businesses or often called Agro-business.

The charity event and exhibition of authentic Balinese products are mixed with lunch, nicely packaged by the big family of Turah Panji. By introducing themselves to each other they look familiar while discussing what will be done after the fourth time a charity event like this is done.

Delicious food prepared directly by the skilled hands of the wife of the Turah Erawan. Gusti Ayu Anila that afternoon, she served crispy fried fish, rice cake, and many various vegetables stir fry that were suitable for the expatriates from around the world.

Gil Petersil who was seen to lead this event is a businessman who has worldwide from Canada said his view of the figure of the Turah Panji, "I am a big fans of him (Turah Panji), a Global-minded person who moves in the local act, is a figure that I admire. A businessman who is also a politician is a combination of two synergies that are able to think ahead what next after this pandemic ends, "he concluded (ray)

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