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Diana Rosa-Jungle Bee Charity Team
(The Voice Indonesia 2016)
GATRADEWATA NEWS | BADUNG | In Camplung Tanduk Street, Seminyak, Kuta on 12-13 of July, took place during this 2 days for An Elegant Event at the Gado Gado Restaurant. That event is opened by evening performance starts at first day with Johann Sebastian Bach concert played by Mikhail Prosvirnov, graduate of Private Conservatory, Sweden. Continued with series of heart-felt speeches from their charity foundations representatives and collaborators, mix with fashion exhibition like Indomito, exquisite selection of Italian brands from Jungle Bee, Maria’s Lerner creations, Runa Jewellery, Bambo Silver and more, with expose total 14 brands.

jungle circle community (komunitas lingkar rimba)
Entered the Sunset time, with Bali’s most talented and sultry singer whose also happened to be one of the Jungle Bee Charity team, Diana Rosa (The Voice Indonesia 2016), took the festivities into the next level with exquisite collaboration between Mikhail on Keyboard & Saxophone, Dedi Eka Budiono on Bass Guitar. Their music breaking the cold atmosphere of the afternoon in that day.

On the DJ Deck they have Alexey Izotov (Odyssey Music Festival), DJ Waxwood (NY) and DJ KMLN (Canada).
Rimba Raya Foundation gets 20 percent charity from the sale of all products in that place during the event. Motored by a group of concern students in South Batur Region called Lingkar Rimba, represented by I Gede Pastika.

Alexey Izotov (Odyssey Music Festival), DJ Waxwood (NY) and DJ KMLN (Canada)
They gathered together with an unusual duet Sergey Zanimonets and Alexey Izotov from The DoBro Foundation who collected donations from their circle of friends to help the Batur community, Kintamani, Bangli Regency.

In the moments of enlightenment, or spiritual moment, artistic and creative people will guide mankind into the light. "Yes, We all had “normal” lives.. Whatever that means. Each to their own. In these hard times in particular, such standard is hard to maintain, even harder to get motivated let alone to be inspired, "they explained.

That is way it is important to get all the artistic and creative people together to get you inspired and help you see the light through their arts, music and performances.

Making something common from egoism to a new creation that can create mutual attachment to help one another. Representing humanity of the future, filled with high vibration, high quality and being true to true values.

That's what we call the Jungle Bee Charity philosophy, To unite & help one another, for growth and love, for a better life for all of us. With our example, we will open, ignite, and burn fire in our hearts. This charity also contributed to the Adoption Family Foundation, represented by Debbie Huang who dedicated their charity to helping some of the poorest low-income families in Bali. And this will continue to roll in the future.

At the next event Approximately 40 fashion brands have confirmed to participate in the upcoming Jungle Bee Charity Event in August. And they will announce another collaboration soon that is not less interesting. (Ray)

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