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» » » » Monsieur Marco: It’s never too late to pursue your dreams

Monsieur Marco

GATRADEWATA NEWS | JAKARTA | Up-and-coming artist Monsieur Marco let his dream of becoming a singer lie dormant for many years. Now he is back with a new music video for one of his earliest tracks: a Christmas song called 'February'.

Monsieur Marco first released ‘February’ in the run-up to Christmas last year, but with no video. It was one of the first tracks he ever put out, and at that time he never thought he would end up making videos too. The videos were partly the result of market demands, and partly because the singer-songwriter gradually started to enjoy filming them. He asked soprano Maria Hinojosa, the soprano who lent her voice to this track, if she would like to film a video together, and she agreed immediately. So they put on their smartest clothes and met up in a studio with the guitarist Unai Eizagirre and the video maker.

"This is my first Christmas song”, Monsieur Marco told us. “I love Christmas (and particularly the weeks preceding it) and I am always a bit sad when, just a few days later, all the decorations are taken down and the lights are switched off, despite winter being far from over. ‘February’ represents my utopian dream of extending the Christmas period all the way to February, and so making winter feel a little shorter. However, I should say that the song’s theme was not particularly important: the idea was simply to convey a bit of festive sweetness and nostalgia”.

This Christmas song has already been viewed over 8600 times on the official Monsieur Marco YouTube channel.

Monsieur Marco started releasing his songs in late 2020 at the age of 42, with the motto ‘it’s never too late to turn your dreams into reality’.

“I didn’t set myself any particular goals, just as I don’t in life in general”, he continued. “I simply felt an almost physiological need to show my music to the world. I’ve been growing with it and my listeners ever since. I’ve never been contacted by the ‘industry’: I’m simply laying one brick at a time, and mostly just seeing where fate takes me. So far it has been the best journey of my life”.

“I take inspiration from many different things”, the singer concluded. “Anger, sadness, joy, the search for calm, worries, fear, love (for others and myself), travel, walking, falling, rebirth, sensations, feelings, change... most of my songs are just snapshots, with the sole intention of conveying emotions. ‘February’ does not have a particularly profound theme... but I hope it provides listeners with a bit of joy and peace and sweet, Christmassy nostalgia”. (Tim).

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